Welcome to my new website!  thank you for taking the time to visit it!
About the site:  I have been writing poetry for many years. It has been a dream of mine for a long time to do something with all this material sitting in a big chest that continues to accumulate. Like many artists, I am not the best at getting things published nor do I enjoy that process (don’t even get me started about the music biz!). Hundreds of art pieces, poems and also photos series from many talented photographers I have been so blessed to work with, have been sitting idle – so putting heads together with the talented Liisa Kankkunen, this website has turned into my very own art gallery so to speak, and I am happy that some of my pieces have found a home where they can be shared.
It was a very interesting process to re-visit all the written material (most of which I have not read since I wrote them). Finding common threads between the words and the photos/artwork, all of which were created separately, and merging them together in a way that they became visual stories for the text.
Along with some content from my previous site, I think they all work harmoniously together now.
lots lots more to come!
stay creative out there, humans xxx