Thou Art

I indulge in thoughts of you

path of laughter warmth heart and music

vibrations of stars

vibrations of loves coupled truth

mirrors purest forms

from the rain pounding on the window pane

to the howling wind Ive missed

droughted ground drinks you down

the torn earth sustaining







A blissful indulgence

with this soundtrack of my life, of memories,

of worries, of love, of heartbreak, of hip shakin channeled ancients.



I realize you.



I am you.



There is no separation.



we exist here with the elements reminding us

of our Source and gratitude.









Vacant fog surrounds the waving trees

as I look out for answers to my knowing.

How terrifying some moments can be.

How lost and forgotten.

My indulgence

vast desire

these soaking delicious moments of bliss

when I realize you are never gone in this ever connect.

Don’t stop breathing

Don’t stop breathing

Fill full lungs of light.

Let freedom sing sight











Open up.





I feel I could burst


let it flow like lava

burning anything in its wake

swallowing the moment down

staring in your eyes

Dont even know how you taste.

Dont even know what its all about.



how these times shape me

tearing open, shutting down.



let it sing to you

let the dreams take notice too.



Baring all that I am,

witness this pull I am to you and you are to me

Surrender my love

Surrender my love

I surrender my love.

I surrender my love.









Holy Trinity – my child unborn

beloved spark – twin to my essence

genius sedates theta – stillness rolls through

to bow brows – severe revere

King into the void

drinks the force

contains the motion


total surrender to Queen.

Floods trust

alchemy sways

forevermore changed

indue passing night to day

knowing all knowing

undeniable endless power

trust its direction
















heavy weightless light.

We think the same thing.

We beat the same drum.

Open to the mystery.

Prostrate to the Almighty All that Is.





















I call you forth.

now step forward.

Through the veils.

Show me your eyes.

Step out from the shadows.

Your shadows.

My shadows.

Steep we have climbed together yet apart.

I have yet to lie with you

hearing your heart beat into my ear.

Drinking you down.

Loving you.

Infinite, I have always loved you.

Our light connection rises the serpent within.

I have felt you in synergy and spirit.

I know you.

Thou Art God.

I Am Goddess.

I await holding your crown.

I will place it on your alter most high.

Adorn you with its radiant jewels.

Through all time

all space

all knowing

all nothingness

I sing in joy and surrender

casting doubt to the abyss

there you stand before me…

my love.

Thou Art God.








©Dee Kennedy,from handwritten journal feb 6th 2015

Photos Hugo Reidy, April 2016 (Co. Kilkenny, Ireland)