Lightening Alarm

Inspiration as the waning moon

bends its *sickles compass come

around the pulling lips of rum

beyond the borders of the skies

reach a light by and by

into a flame I cast my eye

in wonder as the ghosts past by

to dance with fire

stardancer dont cry

to string a beau for another high

to loose the lap because of yarn

that vined around like sunken harm

into the breast of a bosomless twist

zeal wrecks the face of the slapping wrist

yeilding at the sign up west

northing in to loves own nest

shaking stares and standing sound

roots below this pleasant ground

blight of lumps and sparks of ruin

wrath of scrawbing outcast tune

wrong or right?

Run or fight?

Balance upside down

sitting in a drowning frown

Up the face she climbs with charm

Enchantress of the lightening alarm


© + artwork Dee Kennedy
* quote William Shakespere