I Am You





Bursting boys

scuffle, scurry

wanting wonderful



(I could be You)












haunting horizons

of vampires valiant stares

close me…


(I could be You)







Ra roars

commanding me carefully

back to basics.

Lure of Light

calls calmly

as it awaits my awareness…


(I Am In You)







Pounding Pouring

love wraps lotus

wings around me and

I fall freely

into its caress…


(I Am In You)














our laughters light touch.








your infinite out

with my mysterious in.













The Will of the Well

raptures even ravenous demonic devils,

transforms to dance

with lilies and serpents

coiling as caduceus melts

two into one

and then…


















I Am You


















From handwritten journal July 9th 2010
© Dee Kennedy

Photos Ahmed Yousry Mafhouz, Aswan, Egypt March 2016